Todd Kerns - Go Time!

In a break from the norm, instead of writing about a new album about to be released I am going to write a little bit about one of my personal favourites, one I feel doesn’t get enough recognition but that most definitely should.

You may recognise Todd Kerns from bands like Age of Electric, Static in Stereo, his latest band Sin City Sinners or as bass player in guitar legend Slash’s current line up. Well way back in 2004 Todd released Go Time, his first solo album, a collection of songs inspired by the bands and the music he loves.

No rules and no single genre or style, it combines the likes of Bowie, Stooges, and MC5 to create a perfect rock and roll record.  Loud guitars, catchy riffs and crazy powerful vocals from Kerns, what more could you want?

Opener Everything Must Go gets things off to a powerful start, fast, furious and sets the tone perfectly. Its Not You Its Me is a tune you will be humming for days, no bad thing I assure you, and Indian Summer is a beautiful track featuring vocals from fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Jenny Galt, more of a mellow approach but it really gives light to Todds amazing voice. All Talk No Action is also brilliant, a bit of a throwback to the seventies with its stomping sound reminiscent to the bands like T-Rex. 

To be honest Go Time isn’t a million miles away from the music TK made with his previous bands, but it feels a lot more personal, something you can relate to a bit more. It is also just a great album, from start to finish. It is hard to pick out any personal highlights because every single track is a good one, the reason why it is one of my favourites as I said.

I would highly recommend giving it a listen, use it as a starting point, and if you like it check out Todds other bands (if you don’t know them/haven’t already). Also, for anyone lucky enough to be on that side of the pond Todd will be playing a solo acoustic ‘stripped down’ show in Vegas on August 17th and another in Vancouver August 25th, well worth going along to, I only wish I could make it!

For more info on those shows and all of Todds other projects check out You can also grab a copy of Go Time here, as well as both albums from Sin City Sinners.  Get involved!

Caris Smith


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